And Just Like That, Samsung Galaxy S3 Loses Its Appeal

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There is no surprise about the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming our way. Right now the only question on everyone’s lips is whether it would be announced at the MWC with the HTC One. The Verge says that it won’t and that it will be coming out on 14th March at its own event.

Rumours have been going around thanks to a somewhat vague Tweet from Mobile Review. This said that something was happening on the 14th and that it would have an impact on sales of the HTC One handset, which is also upcoming. The sources, who haven’t been named, say that there is an event taking place in New York by Samsung and this is where the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be revealed.

The announcement focuses on features more than specs and the Samsung Galaxy S4 will apparently be a bigger jump than the Samsung Galaxy S2 was to the Samsung Galaxy S3. For now all we have seen has been a photo, that wasn’t very good, of the new device. We cannot wait for the 14th March to come around.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, given that most blogs are now running the March 14th date as almost official despite Samsung Korea not saying anything just yet, those looking to buy the S3 will now be having second thoughts given that its sequel could be unveiled in less than a month.

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