Samsung Galaxy S3: Is It Stupid To Buy One This Late?

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We hear more talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 each and every day as we get closer to April and the expected release of the device. There have already been numerous leaks about the specs, features and insights into what Samsung may offer with the Samsung Galaxy S4. However we are now turning our attention to what all of this may mean for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S4

Some days ago a spec comparison was made of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and that rumored of the Samsung Galaxy S4. And then we talked about whether people should buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 now or wait and see what its successor offers. Of course right now there is no confirmation as to what the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have when it arrives.

So rather than make a comparison spec by spec, we are asking what the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could mean for its older brother. The Samsung Galaxy S line up of handsets has always been popular; however the hype surrounding the next generation handset has been greater than usual. The Chief Gadget Officer for has talked about what is known as upgrade frenzy and says that we may see this with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. He predicts that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 could be so popular that it will even entice many US iPhone users away and they will move to the Android platform.

He also went on to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has set standards around the world for Android devices and that more than likely the Samsung Galaxy S4 would provide an experience that was “best in class.” He went on to say that the build quality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be premium quality and that the handset would possibly be slimmer than the Galaxy S3. About the only thing that people didn’t like about the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the fact that it was plastic looking. The Apple iPhone 5 he considers to be on par with the Samsung Galaxy S3, which means that the next gen handset from Samsung will be superior not only to its older brother, but also the latest Apple iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is likely to come down in price and there could be discounts the closer we move towards the release date to the Samsung Galaxy S4. This means that if you don’t have to have the latest handset you could get a great deal on the older model if you wait a little longer. Carriers will want to get rid of stock and this means that competitive deals could be heading our way soon. Apple of course reduce the price tag of their Apple iPhone when they reveal a new handset and Samsung could follow suit which could lead to competitive deals with a budget price for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The handset might even be free on contract deals.

Of course you do have to consider what would happen with trade-ins. Gazelle are saying that they have already had more trade-ins of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 and it is thought that these may skyrocket as we come closer to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. So if you do want to make a trade in then the earlier you do so the likely you are to get more. This is thanks to more owners wanting to trade-in when the new device is released and this will make the current device worth less.

So if you want a Samsung Galaxy S3 then hang on as its price is sure to drop in a few weeks. If you want to get rid of your Samsung Galaxy S3 then now is the time before the S4 is possibly revealed.

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