Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2 (Don’t Write Off S2 Just Yet)

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It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has lived up to its promise and (let’s ignore the plastic back for now) is delighting Android fans worldwide. So, if you’re about to upgrade from your S2, do you hop onto the S3 bandwagon or wait for something even better?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: should you upgrade

The sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 makes it a bit unwieldy for some – I have to scooch it around in order to reach its far corners with my thumbs. It weighs 125.3g and its dimensions are 136.6×70.6×8.6mm compared to the 125.3×66.1×8.5mm and 116g Samsung Galaxy S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 4.8” screen just kills the S2 screen. The resolution (1280x720p) on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the S2 (800x400p). However, do keep in mind that the Gorilla Glass 2 doesn’t help the S3 in drop tests anymore than the Gorilla Glass 1 the S2 has – recent tests showed that the S3 wasn’t any tougher than the iPhone 4S (also uses Gorilla Glass 1). However, you can’t help but love that resolution.

Both phones feature 8MP cameras with autofocus, smile detection and LED flash. The Samsung Galaxy S3, with its burst mode and simultaneous HD video and stills capture, has more features to offer than the S2 can. Ice Cream Sandwich has propped the S2 camera up a bit with some new features, and unless you do a lot of video conversations, the smaller front camera shouldn’t really matter.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has ICS and is waiting, just like the S3, for JellyBean. The processor in the US Samsung Galaxy S3 has a dual-core Snapdragon chip which wins out over the S2’s A9 Cortex 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

Both phones come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage flavours, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has add-on microSD storage for up to 64GB while the S2 can only offer 32GB. However, unless you take loads of HD videos, you should get by with the S2’s allowances.

You’ll get 12 hours of talktime from the Samsung Galaxy S3 and nine hours from the S2, and the S3 also has the added benefit of Smart Stay, Smart Call and S-Voice. So if your contract’s nearly up, grab a Samsung Galaxy S3. If however you have a few months to go, then wait a bit longer to see what else Samsung has to offer, like the Note 2 or even the next Galaxy Nexus. You could even wait for the S4 which has just been put into the rumor machine just yet.

If you ignore the screen resolution, the Samsung Galaxy S3 just feels like a small step up from the S2, and the S2 isn’t quite obsolete yet. It’s still selling quite well despite the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S, and for good reason.

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