Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Saying No To S3

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most sought after handsets of the year. However if you have the Galaxy S2, is it worth making the upgrade to the S3, or should you hang on for something better? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does happen to be larger than the S2 but then again this also means that it won’t simply fit inside the palm of your hands. Users may find themselves having to readjust the phone in their hand when they wish to reach the far corners of the screen with their thumbs. It comes in at 133g and is 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. The S2 is lighter at 116g and measures 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5mm, which makes it easier on the pocket.

The 4.8 inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 does set it apart from the 4.3 inch of the S2. Both displays have protection of Gorilla Glass with the S3 having version 2. The resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 1280 x 720p and that of the S2 is 800 x 400. While the S3 does have the second version of Gorilla Glass there is nothing to say that it is better than the original and in drop tests the S3 didn’t stand up any better than even the iPhone 4S with its Gorilla Glass on both sides. However with a much higher resolution, the S3 does win in that area.

The cameras on both of the phones are 8 megapixels which takes pictures at a resolution of 3264 x 2448. They both have autofocus, LED flash and smile detection. However the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a front camera that beats that of the S2. The S3’s back camera comes with burst mode and it is capable of taking photos while it is recording video in HD. If the S2 is updated with ICS, then you can expect it to get some new features in regards to the camera. As for the front facing camera, unless you do a lot of video chatting then it won’t matter.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with Android 2.3.4 preinstalled and it should get updated to Jelly Bean alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note by the end of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android 4.0 installed and will get the update to Jelly Bean very soon. In the international handsets the S3 comes with a quad core processor and in the US it is dual core. The S2 has the A9 Cortex dual core processor at 1.2GHz.

Storage wise the S2 has 32GB and has support for micro SD up to 32GB. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with support also for micro SD card up to 64GB. Bear in mind though that it takes a lot of doing to fill up a 16GB device with a 32GB card.

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been boosted by 3 hours and the majority of users will be able to get around 12 hours of talk time out of their handset over the S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with software tweaks such as Smart Stay, Smart Call and S Voice. As it is the latest in the Galaxy lineup it is the better of the handsets and if you are at the end of your contract then it may be well worth making the upgrade to it. However if you are still in contract then we wouldn’t recommend jumping on it, you might want to take a look at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at the end of this month for something that will certainly feel like a fresh new upgrade. Or if you are in no rush then hang on for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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