Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: S2 Not Finished Yet

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most popular handsets of 2012, is it a huge step up over its predecessor? If you own the Samsung Galaxy S2 is it worth making the upgrade to the S3, or should you hang on and see what else comes out? Let’s see if we can answer that question.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a large device as it is 125 grams and measures 136×70.6×8.6mm. Therefore there are some people who have trouble holding it comfortably in one hand. The S2 weighs 116 grams and measures 125.3×66.1×8.5mm. This is still on the large side, however it is easier to use with one hand.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is an improvement over the one of the S2 and now the display is 4.8 inches and it has a 1280 x 720 resolution and is protected with Gorilla Glass 2. The display of the S2 is 800 x 400 and has original Gorilla Glass. When it came to drop tests there wasn’t a great deal of difference between the two displays in toughness. The resolution on the other hand is a huge difference and some say that this alone is good enough reason to make the upgrade.

Both of the devices come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has SD support up to 64GB and the Samsung Galaxy S2 takes another 32GB max. However the S2 should offer plenty of room, unless you wish to keep a lot of HD movies on the device.

Both phones have an 8 megapixel camera and features include autofocus and LED flash. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has burst mode and it is capable of taking video and photos at the same time. However Ice Cream Sandwich gave the S2 camera a boost as it added faster capture speeds. The difference between the cameras on the phones on the front is minimal too and this will not bother you unless you make a lot of video calls.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with ICS and Jelly Bean has made its way to a some carriers by now. The S2 will also be getting the update to Jelly Bean at some point in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on the 1.5GHz Snapdragon dual core processor in the US and the S2 has the Cortex dual core 1.2GHz.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 battery should offer around 12 hours of talk time, which is around three more than you might expect out of the S2. The S3 also comes with S Voice, Smart Stay and Smart Call.

If you have the Samsung Galaxy S2 on contract and the contract has almost reached its end then you may wish to make the upgrade to the S3. However if you are still in contract then it may pay to hang on and see what the S4 will be like as rumors put it with a February 2013 unveiling. On the other hand if you don’t mind a larger device then you may wish to consider the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This looks very much like the S3, and while it is a little larger it comes with more features and functions plus better hardware.

I found the resolution to be the biggest difference between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 and if you’re ok with the 800×400 on the S2 then there is no reason to upgrade yet. Bear in mind too that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is not ready for retirement yet as it will be getting a face lift with Jelly Bean likely before the year is up.

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