Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2: Saying Not To S3

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Despite the tacky plastic back, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has won hearts and minds all over the world, so if you’re about to upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S2, do you go inline to the S3 or wait for something even better?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs S2

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty big – 125g and 136×70.6×8.6mm – many people have to move it around in their hands to get their thumbs in the far corners. The S2 is 116g and 125.3×66.1×8.5mm, which is a bit easier to handle and many folks will find one-handed operation an ease.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen is much better, with a 1,280x720p resolution and 4.8” of colour. The S2 has a mere 800x400p. However, the Gorilla Glass 2 in the S3 isn’t much better at being dropped that the Gorilla Glass 1 in the GS as we found out on tests pitting the S3 and iPhone 4S against each other (4S has GC1). Still, that amazing screen resolution makes up for this in a big way.

Both phones come in 16, 32 and 64GB versions, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 can take on an extra 64GB compared to the Samsung Galaxy S2 32GB capacity. This shouldn’t really matter, though, unless you have a lot of HD videos stored.

Both phones have 8MP cameras with smile detection, LED flash and autofocus, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a burst mode, as well as simultaneous HD video and stills. Ice Cream Sandwich has breathed a bit of new life into the S2 snapper with some new features, and the smaller front camera shouldn’t really matter unless you do video calls.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is running Ice Cream Sandwich and is waiting for Jelly Bean and the S3 is starting to get this upgrade in some regions.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 chip – a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon – beats the 1.2GHz A9 Cortex dual-core in the S2.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 promises up to 12 hours of talk time, which is three hours more than the S2. You also get Smart Call, S-Voice and Smart Stay with the S3.

So, if your contract’s counting down to its end, grab an S3. However if you still have a few months (which is natural given a contract is usually 2 years), maybe wait for the upcoming LG Nexus 4 which has similar hardware capability but faster upgrades and better exterior styling. You may even manage to hold on for the Samsung Galaxy S4, as it’s rumoured to be making an appearance next spring. Lastly, if you can’t wait more than a couple more days then there is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which is pretty much an S3 on steroids with added functionality.

If you disregard the amazing resolution, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 feels more like an evolution rather than a revolution on the S2. The Samsung Galaxy S2 itself is a decent phone with a lot of life in it still.

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