Samsung Cooking Up Something Better Than Galaxy S3 Already?

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Since Apple’s iPhone 5 is unlikely to hit our shelves until at least October or November this year, our attention has been focused on the Samsung Galaxy S3. While it is the best smartphone money can buy at the moment, rumors are now surfacing that Samsung is already prepping the Galaxy Note 2 with the same underpinnings as the S3 but a couple new advantages.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2

So the question for now is – should we wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or stick with the readily available Galaxy S3? The Note 2 does boast some impressive specs if you believe the rumor mill, this includes a 5.5 inch display (0.2 inches larger than its predecessor and 0.7 inches larger than the S3), and potential in the US for a duel core processor with 4G LTE and 2GB RAM too. The camera is also expected to be slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a whopping 12MP. It will also beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of OS updates as speculations point to the device launching with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) pre-loaded whilst the S3 won’t see it until the end of the year.

From this you can see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is pretty hot competition for the S3 and potentially Samsung’s new flagship phone if the size remains pocketable (it will utilize the new design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with lesser bezel).

With speculation pointing to a late August / early September debut, I would personally hold out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Then again, I prefered the original Galaxy Note over the S2 as well.

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