Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2: Big Guy Coming Through!

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Samsung has released two of THE Android devices of the year – the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2. These phones look quite similar, but there are some important differences which may determine which one you choose.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

One of the most important differences is the screens – the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 5.5” display makes the S3 4.8” screen look quite small. Size isn’t everything, but the bigger the screen, the better the viewing in this particular case. Pocketing the thing is a different matter, though.

The Note 2 has one thing the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t – the S-Pen stylus. This stylus is based on the Wacom digitiser, which is way ahead of the average tablet stylus. This one senses pressure, so if you’re using a drawing app, by increasing the pressure you can increase the thickness of a line. Samsung has made other adjustments to the Note 2 stylus that make it one of the best going.

The larger body of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 means that it can accommodate the 3,100mAh battery. This battery is a lot bigger than the S3 2,100mAh one, so it can power the handset for longer. However in real world tests they came in at about the same (video playback with WiFi on).

On to software, and we see that the Note 2 has Jelly Bean pre-loaded. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is waiting for it, as it’s still on ICS in many regions. Jelly Bean brings loads of new features, along with Google Now and Project Butter.

On the subject of Project Butter, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does in fact feel incredibly slick during ops – way more than the Samsung Galaxy S3. This is down to the faster-clocked chip and improved chipset (the US version of the Note 2 is quad-core) as well as Jelly Bean of course.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, is, in effect, a bigger, faster, more feature-some Samsung Galaxy S3. You might be wondering if it’s actually worth it to opt for the S3 when the big guy has landed. One thing you have to remember, though, is that the sheer size of the Note 2 might be too much for some.

Have a go on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in store when you get the chance. You might like the features and all that, but if you can’t handle the body they come in, they’re all a bit redundant.

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