Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2: Has S3 Finally Fallen?

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Samsung have unveiled their follow up to the Galaxy Note, the Note 2. So will this affect the decision of consumers who are considering buying a new flagship handset? Will they choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 over the current reigning Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy Note 2

So far this year Samsung have held the top spot with the Galaxy S3 when it became the most pre-ordered handset of 2012. However now another device has been launched and we have to wonder how well it will do given its powerful hardware and added “extras”.

When you consider the specs of the two handsets they are very close in some ways. Both of the devices have a quad core processor under their belts. However the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is in the lead with its faster clocked processor, bigger display and a whole slew of new features thanks to the improved S-Pen. Let’s take a closer look

When it comes to the camera they are matched with an 8 megapixel shooter and both of the devices are available in 16 GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 wins with the larger screen at 5.5 inches while the Samsung Galaxy S3 still has an impressive display of 4.8 inches. Both of the devices screens are Super AMOLED and give a superb picture of 1280 x 720 resolution.

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the more powerful, coming in at 3,100mAh while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a battery of 2100mAh.

The Note 2 has the upper hand when it comes to the OS as it is “born” with Jelly Bean. However an update is expected for the S3 shortly, but until then it runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Note 2 has the S Pen and custom apps which the Samsung Galaxy S3 lacks. While the S3 is considered a top of the line handset it doesn’t come with any special features that the Note 2 also didn’t get (they are part of the Galaxy family after all).

There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is very different and those looking for something out of the ordinary with a large screen will no doubt choose it over the S3. On saying that, the S3 has all the bells and whistles that you would expect out of a top of the range handset despite being topped by the phablet.

It really comes down to user preference and whether you have pockets deep enough for the Note 2 to live in. All in all both of the devices are superb choices. However on paper, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more powerful, has a better display with a big battery to back it, and the added capabilities of a stylus.

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