Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2: Winner Is…

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Many reviewers have made comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since it was released with the Samsung Galaxy S3. This has been mainly to find out what makes the two devices stand apart. One big difference between the two of course is the large screen. The majority of reviews have covered all the basics of the two handsets, but there is one review that does stand out above the others, in a video.

The video reviews lasts for 31 minutes and this is a long time when you consider the fact that the majority of videos go on for around 5 minutes. As this one has plenty of time, it allows anyone considering between the two devices more insight into them, which can make choosing easier.

All details have been talked about, including the weight and measurement of each of the handsets. Bear in mind that when the review was undertaken, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has ICS installed, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had Jelly Bean powering it.

If you know about the specs of each handset then you may want to skip past the first 5 minutes. After this you will enjoy a comparison of cameras, apps, video streaming and lots more.

There is another article that those who are thinking about getting the Blackberry Z10 may be interested in and it gives an insight into the details and shows a comparison side by side.

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