Forget Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 Is The Future

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the new flagship device of Samsung and it will be replacing the Galaxy S3 if its sales numbers continue at the current rate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beats S3 sales numbers from last month (report)

PC-Tablet reports that retailers have said demand for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is higher than that of the Galaxy S3. This statement was based on the latest sales numbers of the two handsets.

If you take a look at sales figures in November for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 they beat those of the Galaxy S3 three to two. This means that for every two Samsung Galaxy S3 units sold, retailers saw three Samsung Galaxy Note 2 units sold. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reportedly sold very well during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a higher price tag than the Samsung Galaxy S3 suggesting that both carriers and Samsung are making more money from the device than they did with the Galaxy S3.

The cost of the base model of the Note 2 includes 16GB storage and it supports SD card for external storage and is around $530 at its cheapest, while the 32GB version will cost $630.

The majority of the carriers in the US are stocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 just as they do the S3, so its popularity and sales comes as no surprise. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is also ranked among the top 15 phones on Amazon in the US at this time.

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