Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Note 2: The Final Word

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Last month saw the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. There have been loads of reviews comparing the Note 2 to the Samsung Galaxy S3, its closest rival, so we’ll give you a quick rundown of what the top tech gurus from around the web have to say about where both devices stand against each other.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review roundup

The International Business Times’ Alistair Charlton says the two phones are very similar except for size. There’s the same arrangement of ports and buttons – the lock/power button on the right and the volume control to the left. The headphone port is on top and the microUSB port on the bottom.

He also says that even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has better specs, people will buy according to individual preference:

“If the bigger screen and stylus fit into your life – and you don’t mind your pocket being full – then the Note 2 is excellent. But if handwriting on your phone doesn’t appeal, the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers 95 percent of the Note, but in a smaller, easier to hold package,” he added.

We also think that the two phones are level in software, too, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has S-Pen and multiwindows. Not everyone likes stylus set-ups, though, so this may actually put some people off.

PhonesReview said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was great for many daily functions because of the big screen and battery, as well as a fab camera. PR also said that both phones are equal in software, and that some will go for the Note 2 solely because of the S-Pen.

International Design Times’ Jacob Kleinman chose the Samsung Galaxy S3, saying that it’s Samsung’s best ever smartphone, with the great design and the hardware. The Note crew will never best the S series in sales or popularity, though, and the Note 2 will stay as a niche product for serious Android fans. The S3 will continue to reign over all.

Kleinman also said that the 15 hours of talk with the Samsung Galaxy S3 – more than twice the 6.5 hours from the Note 2 – is another big draw. Both phones have 720p resolution, but the S3 has a 4.8” screen and the Note 2 has a 5.5” screen, meaning ppis of 306 and 265.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is amazing, but it’s not about to usurp the Galaxy S3 just yet – if ever. This also explains why the S3 Mini has no chance against the S3 either (well that and its pathetic specs).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has great specs – the quad-core chip and S-Pen, but many will be deferred by the size and the problems that come with it, like comfort and pocketability concludes IDT.

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