Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus: Which One’s For You?

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With both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus boasting their own set of advantages, many are wondering which of the two Android handsets they should go for. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the current flagship phone, whereas the Nexus was built by Google and is the third in their Nexus line. The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts Android Ice Cream Sandwich with TouchWiz, while the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has Jelly Bean 4.1. It goes without saying that on this front, the newer Jelly Bean update is better.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus

In terms of display, both have a Super AMOLED HD touchscreen display with 710 x 1280p but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has a bigger 4.8 inch display and the Nexus only has 4.65 inches. However the Nexus does pack 10ppi more than the S3, at 316ppi.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos 4412 Cortex A9 processor, 1GB RAM and a Mali 400 graphical processor. The Nexus has a dual core 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4460 Cortex A9 processor, so the S3 is better here with quad-core as opposed to dual-core. In the US where it has a dual-core setup, it still beats the Galaxy Nexus as it is more powerful (new architecture and higher clock speed).

Both devices are almost similar size, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 being 81.88 cubic cms and 133g to 82.93 and 135g on the Nexus, however the S3 looks more slender than the Nexus. In terms of design it is a matter of preference. Personally I prefer the looks of the Galaxy Nexus.

Despite rumors prior to the S3 release of the device featuring a 12MP rear-facing camera, it is actual 8MP which isn’t any more than its predecessor the S2, however it is still higher than the Nexus which just has a 5MP rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera on the S3 is also better at 1.9MP to the Nexus’ 1.3MP.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has an impressive 2100 mAh battery, far superior to 1750mAh on the Nexus, and can offer 620 minutes of talk time to 500 minutes on the Nexus, meaning higher levels of efficiency.

Connectivity on both devices are good, both have NFC, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, though the S3 has the additions of bluetooth 4.0, USB capability, A-GPS and GLONASS.

From looking at the features and specs on each device you can see that the S3 does just tip the balance and lives up the hype. In June the device sold over 6m units and this is a record, whereas the Nexus is losing popularity (although Jelly Bean may soon change this). So if faster Android updates isn’t a priority for you, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the Galaxy Nexus.

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