Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nexus: Which To Choose

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the company’s flagship, while Google’s Galaxy Nexus was released late last year. The S3 has a TouchWiz interface and Ice Cream Sandwich, while the Nexus is a purely Google experience phone already with Jelly Bean, which edges it ahead on software. So is this enough merit to stick with a Galaxy Nexus knowing you will continue to get the latest features at an accelerated pace?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Both phones have Super AMOLED HD displays, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 has that whopping great 4.8” screen which knocks the Nexus’ 4.65” screen into a cocked hat. The Nexus does however have a ppi of 316 compared to the S3’s ppi of 306.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 chip is a 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core Cortex A9 job. It also has 1GB of RAM and a Mali 400 graphics processor. The Nexus has a dual-core TI OMAP 1.2GHz Cortex A9 chip, which puts it behind the S3. Even with the dual-core US version, the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the Nexus in benchmark tests.

Both phones are similar in size. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is 133g and 81.88 cubic cm, compared to 135g and 82.93 cubic cm. The S3 looks slender and almost flimsy, but some like this. Others prefer the textured backing of the Nexus.

The 8MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins over the 5MP on the Nexus. The S3 front camera is 1.9MP compared to the 1.3MP offering on front of the Nexus.

The S3 beats the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on battery, too, with 2,100mAh compared to 1,750mAh. This gives the S3 two hours more talktime (620 minutes) than the Nexus (500 minutes). Both phones do have NFC, WiFi Direct and WiFi, with the S3 also having GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0 and A-GPS.

Having sold more than six million units so far, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be said to have the specs and features side wrapped up. The Nexus was popular, but is fading a bit now. Jelly Bean might revamp it for a bit, but if you can wait for more updates, then opt for the S3 and its better hardware since it will be getting Jelly Bean any day now.

If, however, regular updates matter to you, then grab the Nexus. You’ll have to buy a GSM unlocked version rather than the Sprint or Verizon ones, as these networks are slow to update. There is also the matter about the rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 coming later this year which may make you think twice about getting the Nexus.

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