Samsung Galaxy S3 May Lose “Top Android” Title This Month

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Android&Me recently published an article with a Nexus phone rumour that was very detailed from a regular source who has been very accurate in the past. They said that the next Nexus handset wass going to be based off the LG Optimus G.

LG Optimus ‘G’ Nexus may take top Android crown from Samsung Galaxy S3 this month

However this is not going to be the only handset with the Nexus name. Apparently manufacturers of phones will no longer have to compete to bring out the next Nexus device as Google could be starting a program to allow multiple Nexus phones to be released every year. However they will need to meet hardware and other requirements, if they want their device to have the Nexus name on the back of it.

The source says that the next version of Android will be 4.2, and the name could be Key Lime Pie. The source also said that before fall of 2013 there would be the release of Android 5.0, however I wouldn’t hold my breath as Google have been non-committal about a new release until it is ready for the public.

Now given that the LG Optimus G has already been announced, if it is the basis for one of the next Nexus phones then this is huge. Last week we did a comparison pitting the LG Optimus G against the Samsung Galaxy S3. Going on a points basis, the LG Optimus G scored higher. Its top reasons for winning the comparison was its newer processor, 13-megapixel camera, premium design based on crystal glass and metal, and now we could even add stock Android Key Lime Pie to the list for its Nexus model.

If this leak proves to be accurate then the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have finally met its match for the title of the best Android phone. The LG Optimus Nexus is rumored to be announced before the month is up.

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