Lamborghini Android Is For Speed Fans But No Galaxy S3 Killer

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Smartphones are objects of desire, but these objects, especially those operating on Android, are made to be used, and are made to be within the reach of the average Joe and Joanne. Android is growing in importance in the OS market, but in a surprise move, it’s also sneaking into the luxury market.

Lamborghini phone built for speed fans but no Samsung Galaxy S3

According to The Droid Guy, Lamborghini, the maker of the world’s fastest, sexiest and expensive cars, is about to expand its communication and electronics operation by making a phone and a tablet that run on Android.

The upcoming Lamborghini TL700 smartphone running on Android won’t have any features that will get Android fans excited, but it will be very expensive indeed.

Other luxury smartphones are made of gold and covered in diamonds and emeralds, but the Lamborghini TL700 will be made of relatively cheap materials like crocodile skin. Other sources have reported that the TL700 might come in a range of materials and that customers may be able to commission customised versions.

Otherwise, the performance and specs of the TL700 aren’t anything to write home about. It’ll have Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 3.7” WVGA sapphire crystal display and a Qualcomm chip. Lamborghini didn’t say what the processor’s frequency or architecture would be, though.

There will be a 5MP rear camera and a front 2MP camera, 4GB of internal memory and a 1,400 mAh battery. The company hasn’t announced any other specs, like GPS, touchscreen tech, bonus features or accessories yet. It has, however, said that the average model will cost $2,750.

So, if you compare the features and the performance of the TL700 to the average smartphone of 2012, you’ll see it ain’t all that. What is is, however, is Lamborghini. If you have a Murciellago, you don’t mind forking out almost $3,000 just as long as your phone matches your car.

Lamborghini Phone

Lamborghini Phone

Lamborghini’s tablet, the L2800 is made along the same lines as the smartphone. It is, in terms of specifications, actually below par compared to its cheaper rivals – until you look at the price tag, that is. This tablet will set you back by $2,300. It is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a 9.7” 1024x768p sapphire crystal screen and a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor. It also comes with 512MB RAM, 5MP and 2MP primary and secondary cameras and MicroSD support.

If you own a Lamborghini car, or you’re just a fan of the label and have money to burn, you’ll love the TL700 and the L2800 for the name alone. If, on the other hand, you like Android and all its capabilities, save the money and buy a phone or tablet that performs better and has more features for a fraction of the price i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X.

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