With No iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 Plunders Apple Users Due For Upgrade

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The WWDC 2012 was much anticipated by Apple fans worldwide who were banging the door down to find out about the news on new hardware and software updates. However even though there was some great information on products and services provided by Apple, there was a collective air of disappointment when there was no mention of the new iPhone 5. However Android fans were a little less disappointed, as it means Android devices – namely Samsung Android devices – will be the phones to grab this summer.

Samsung Galaxy S3 stands uncontested this summer as iPhone 5 skips WWDC 2012

It is unusual for a manufacturer besides Apple to produce such amounts of anticipation and buzz around their new products, but with the massive amount of Android handsets currently on the market, nearly one per week, and Samsung’s ability to build hype, Apple now has some stiff competition. The Galaxy S3 is standing out head and shoulders above the rest at the moment and the excitement levels amongst users is almost at Apple standards, which is a big statement compared to the limited-to-no buzz around the early Androids (T-Mobile G1, HTC Evo, Motorola Droid, etc).

Samsung Galaxy S3 takes aim at iPhone users due for an upgrade

Samsung are excelling due to their innovative nature, consistent and coherent brand and their more recent technology which is at the high end of smartphones. With the iPhone 5 not being released until, presumably, the last quarter of 2012, Samsung could win over a lot of Apple customers by taking advantage of iPhone 3GS and 4 users who have come to the end of their contract and are choosing a device to upgrade to.

Samsung are really getting their brand out there in the public eye, as if it wasn’t already, they have sponsored the London 2012 Olympics and have handed over millions of dollars for this – just in time for the phone to arrive with a lot of carriers in the US, who will have hopefully seen the advert during watching the Olympics on TV.

Now not only has Apple been quiet lately, but Motorola hasn’t released anything since the Droid Razr Maxx and HTC have not produced a smartphone quite as high end as the S3, even though the One X is pretty good, marketing hasn’t been pumped full of money like for the S3 and it is only available through AT&T and Sprint (EVO 4G LTE).

We are now looking forward to Google I/O which is Google’s annual developer conference. It begins two weeks from now and will be hopefully presenting a Nexus 7 tablet and also Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. We are expecting Android to use the momentum already built up by Android and run with it, further obscuring Apple until their next release.

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