Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920: Only The Best

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Three of the top handsets this Christmas are the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 920. So which one of these superb devices would you be happy to find in your stockings this Christmas?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920: the thunders down under

Nokia Lumia 920: The Nokia Lumia 920 weighs in at 185 grams, a superb 8.7 megapixel camera and great looks. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand is 133 grams; and the iPhone 5 is the lightest at 112 grams. Both of the devices have cameras of 8 megapixels. The Nokia Lumia 920 comes with the 332ppi display, this is better than both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. The Nokia Lumia 920 is run on Windows Phone 8, which is the latest operating system out of the three handsets. The user interface is easier to learn than iOS 6 and Android. You can get the device right now with Telstra.

Samsung Galaxy S3: The Samsung Galaxy S3 matches the other two handsets in regards to hardware and it is the current bestseller of the year. It also comes with SD card support and MHL, both lacking in its competitors. It also has the biggest display and best front camera support. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 for around $51 per month; Telstra has it for $60 on the Every Day Connect Plan.

iPhone 5: If you want the iPhone 5 and you live in Australia then you can get the best deal anywhere in the world as it is cheapest here down under. You can get hold of the device with Virgin Mobile for $47 per month on a contract of two years. On the Big Plan 29 over two years this would come with a cost of $1,128. This happens to be cheaper than any of the deals in the UK and the US and there is nothing to pay out upfront. The iPhone 5 is available with other carriers in Australia too. The iPhone 5 happens to be the lightest and the thinnest of the three handsets and it has iOS 6 which I consider the easiest OS to pick up. You are also guaranteed future software updates for a longer time than its rivals.

So which of these three superb handsets will you be hoping for this Christmas?

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