Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: It’s Not About The Specs

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Earlier this week we saw the unveiling of the iPhone 5. While it felt like there was a mixed reaction at the launch, when it came time for pre-orders the iPhone 5 sold 20 times quicker than the 4S has last year. So it’s going to be a great seller, outstripping other Apple gadgets and possibly even knocking the Samsung Galaxy S3 off its lofty perch.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: analysts predict sales figures

Android still has a bigger market share than Apple, although Apple’s share is catching up fast. Around 25 per cent of mobile users own a Samsung handset, compared to the 16 per cent who have an iPhone. The recent court case and the iPhone 5 could change all this, though.

Apple is working hard to get some Samsung phones banned in the US, including the Samsung Galaxy S3, the company’s flagship. PhoneReviews (PR) says that an Apple analyst claimed that the iPhone 5 would represent history’s biggest electronic device upgrade.

The iPhone 5 will start landing in people’s hands from September 21st onwards. This means it’ll have just 10 days of sales for September’s quarter. Undaunted, though, the phone could still easily shift six to 10 million units and break existing records in this short time span – as long as supply matches demand explains analysts. Extend these forecasts to the entire quarter and Apple could see sales of up to 28 million phones. This might seem huge, but you have to factor in the pre-orders, and that fact that the three major US carriers are selling the iPhone 5. Apple will be hoping to get 10 million sales during this first week, just to beat Samsung’s record 9 million pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

History tells us that the iPhone will always sell better than everyone else. Even if its hardware may be proven to be not be as “powerful” as the Samsung Galaxy S3 when they can finally be pitted against each other, it’ll still sell more units. Most predictions see Apple shifting 200 million iPhone 5 units before the fiscal year is out.

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