Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Specs Aside, Why Is S3 An iPhone Killer?

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Ever since the iPhone 5 was launched there have been many comparisons between it and the Samsung Galaxy S3. These comparisons have taken the browsing speeds into account along with quality of the camera, benchmark tests, and the quality of the phones displays plus more. The iPhone 5 is has some stellar hardware under the hood and as such is managing to beat the S3 in many benchmarks for the first time ever. Yet the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains a crowd favorite… why is that?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: What makes the S3 so different than other Android rivals?

While the iPhone 5 may prove to be faster on paper, many still favour the S3 as being more “powerful”, so how come?

This is simply because fast is all well and good but a smartphone should actually be more focused on being “smart.” Benchmark tests focus on such things as speed, but they don’t consider how smart the handset is. Therefore benchmarks tests don’t tell the whole story of a handset.

A good smartphone needs to be able to perform many tasks. These include web browsing, calling people, capturing photos, and recording videos; have software that recognises the voice and even wireless payment. This is where the iPhone 5 and Apple don’t have the edge as the iPhone 5 is not as feature rich as Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3. It fails to offer deep customisation and is still fairly limited in many respects due to the streamlined OS and gated app store. There are limitations in regards to browsing the web as well.

Apple fans would have enjoyed having all of the above on the iPhone 5. Some months back a rumour was going round of the new iPhone 5 having a hologram keyboard and video projector. This gives us an indication that Apple fans want innovative features too even if they may seem crazy at first. Instead the iPhone 5 is one of the most basic devices in the high end device category to have been released for a while, although it is faster than many.

Meanwhile the Samsung Galaxy S3 is packed with many clever features, and this is what tech fans love about the device. Taking a screenshot on the S3 for example is as simple as sliding the palm of the hand over the display. This might not be mind-blowing, but it is one of the vital parts that is there and which adds up and makes the device stand out as unique and makes it smart. Other examples include how it calls a person even if you are in the texting screen just by raising the device to your ears. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also tracks your eyes to see when you look away. When you do it shuts off the screen to conserve battery life. The S3 also boasts wireless charging capabilities, NFC which opens a whole bag of tricks, MHL connectivity and of course the usual Android bells & whistles like the ability to change keyboards, ROMs, launchers, default handling apps and much more.

Both of the handsets have a place on the market of course. But when it comes to consumers the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a favourite mainly because it has a ton of added features for which consumers appreciate and hence make them willing to deal with the quirks about the Android platform.

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