Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Selling Faster Than iPhone 5 Despite Age [SURVEY]

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The comparison site uSwitch says that the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold more units that the iPhone 5 in the UK in September, although these figures don’t include SIM-free sales. The iPhone 5 is languishing – oddly enough – at number five on the website’s hotlist.

Samsung Galaxy S3 outsold iPhone 5 in September

The iPhone 5 went on sale on September 21, although it was taking pre-orders from September 14. Although it had less of September to sell than other phones, it’s the first few days that see the rush of sales. Queues were trailing round the block for days before the iPhone 5 hit the shops, and more than five million units were sold in the first 72 hours, beating the Phone 4S by miles. This would make you expect a stratospheric two weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, on the other hand, has been around since May, but sales haven’t slowed down after five months. The iPhone 5 is also being outsold by the Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Samsung Galaxy S2, and even the iPhone 4S. This shows that many Apple fans would rather grab a bargain-priced 4S than the latest iPhone 5 model.

The Mobile Tracker report uses figures from uSwitch and its mobile phone comparison partner networks. This means it doesn’t include people buying unlocked iPhones straight from Apple or any other manufacturer.

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