Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Apple Clearly A Better Choice (IM)

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The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are two of the top end devices on the smartphone market at the moment, so which of these handsets is the most superior? This is a tough question as both run on different platforms and have equally as exceptional hardware to boot. However the folks over at IntoMobile conducted their tests on both devices and reached the conclusion that the iPhone 5 was the better of the duo. Why?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 (IntoMobile’s comparison)

IM explained that the iPhone 5 seems to be a little bit faster than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it has a camera that is just above that of the S3. The display is also easier to use with one hand, the S3 at 4.8 inch is a little large for some compared to the 4 inch of the iPhone 5.

On the other hand if you use two hands with your handset then you may prefer the larger display of the Galaxy S3.

When considering which of the two devices to get, you have to consider the operating systems. The iPhone 5 has iOS 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android. If you use Google apps and services then you would be better off with the Galaxy S3 admits the tech blog. However if you use iTunes to store your music then iOS would be the better option. Those who want to customize their handset would be better off with Android, if its simplicity you want then you could choose iOS as it is more polished and easier to use. Both of the operating systems have their good and bad points and which is best for you is down to you personally.

Nevertheless IM still found that the iPhone 5 has the edge over the S3. Check out their full review here to see how they came to such a verdict.

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