Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5 Price Gorge Doubles!

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The iPhone 5 is the other darling of the smartphone market, besides the Samsung Galaxy S3. However while they seem to be evenly matched when it comes to specs, their price levels have begun to fluctuate so much that the difference can no longer be ignored.

iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3 price levels

The iPhone 5 is holding to its price point (for unlocked models) and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is slowly falling in price, widening the gap between these two popular phones. The folks over at PopHerald report that its last supply check shows that the 16GB iPhone 5 is rising from $950 to $980, probably due to supply limitations. The 64GB iPhone 5 is $1,180, which is eye-watering, considering that its suggested retail price is between $649 and $849.

The recent releases of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and other Jelly Bean devices is on the contrary lowering the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. PH says that the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 has fallen from $750 to $530 or so at many retailers. This is the price of the GSM HSPA+ model, popular worldwide.

Looking at the 16GB model prices for the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 – $980 and $550 – the iPhone is nearly twice the price! It’s interesting to see, as supply and demand determines price. In the US it’s more difficult to monitor, as carriers do tend to subsidize smartphones heavily.

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