Nothing Can Stop Samsung Galaxy S3, Not Even iPhone 5

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Nothing has been able to stop the success of the Samsung Galaxy S3, including the recently released iPhone 5 and verdicts from jury’s over the Apple lawsuit.

Samsung Galaxy S3 selling as fast as ever despite iPhone 5 coming on to the scene

CNET reports that rather than a decline in sales, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has jumped up 16% between 21st August and 27th August. On the 24th the jury in the Samsung and Apple case decided that Samsung had copied patents and they had to pay $1 billion. This saw people running out to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 fearing that it would be banned from stores.

Sales spiked again between 11th and 17th September and climbed by 15%. This was when Apple launched the iPhone 5 at their event. The week prior to this sales growth had been flat for the S3 as people waited to see what Apple would reveal at their event.

On average, without spikes, the growth rate of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been around 9% and has remained as such. This means that despite the release of the iPhone 5, the S3 has remained solid.

These results came about thanks to Localytics who measure the use of apps. They said that they support around 350 million devices and several million of these handsets were the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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