Samsung Galaxy S3 Still More Popular Than iPhone 5 In UK

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The Samsung Galxy S3 has kept its crown as the most popular device in the UK for the 6thmonth in a row. The handset has even beat is fiercest competitor, the iPhone 5 despite the device being released for weeks now reports TrustedReviews.

Samsung Galaxy S3 more popular than iPhone 5 (UK)

Apple has sold more than 5 million handsets of their iPhone 5 on the three days after releasing it. This has meant that their share of the smartphone market has increased and the gap between Android has narrowed. However the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains more popular than the iPhone 5 and it proved it again, this past month.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 beat the iPhone in September and it has also topped the iPhone 5 for October. This was the latest full month that the iPhone 5 has been on sale.

The iPhone 5 has secured second place in October says uSwitch experts, however the competitive price points and features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have made sure that the S3 has remained one step in front.

The figures have been based on searches, pre-orders of the device and monthly sales and they have shown that the S2 from Samsung comes in 3rd place for the month of October. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2 have made a sandwich of the iPhone 5!

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