Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Apple Punches S3 Right In The Hardware!

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The iPhone 5 release was met with a lot of controversy by fans and consumer in general. Apple and Samsung have of course been creating a tidal wave both in and out of court. So the release of Apple’s latest hardware brought up the big question of who has the best phone, Samsung with the Galaxy S3, or Apple with the iPhone 5? If recent benchmark tests from PCMag are anything to go by, the iPhone 5 is the faster of the two.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Apple takes lead in benchmarks

The tests were run by PCMag on the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and they concluded that the iPhone 5 was the faster of the two handsets. Apple of course has bragged about it being faster than the iPhone 4S, while at the same time Samsung has run its own string of ads putting the iPhone 5 down.

Many people didn’t believe this to be so and undertook their own tests and these results have led to many disputes over which of the two handsets are the fastest. Bear in mind that there are two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3, one in the US and the international version. The US version is a dual core, while the international a quad core. Android fans were only taking into account the quad core S3 when running tests and fans of Apple were dismissing the S3 based on the dual core model having a lower score than that of the iPhone 5.

So according to GeekBench, the iPhone 5 is around 160 points higher than the dual core Samsung Galaxy S3, however the quad core version is 170 points higher. So which is the faster device? Well in real life the points really don’t mean much and are mainly for bragging rights. Both of the devices are fast, however you shouldn’t go running out to buy a handset just because the Benchmark tests give it higher points.

Nevertheless, given the Samsung Galaxy S3 ads that are currently running have one main purpose – to make the iPhone 5 look bad, these benchmark tests will certainly give Apple fans some ammo.

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