Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5: A Dozen Reasons Why

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So, now the iPhone 5 is here, Samsung has taken the official specs and is busy comparing them to those of its Samsung Galaxy S3 in a series of ads. Their latest ad gives a dozen reasons why the S3 is better than the iPhone 5:

Samsung: Reasons why Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S3, unlike the iPhone 5, has built-in NFC, which is brilliant for sharing and pairing with a mere touch of device. NFC lets you do everything you can with Bluetooth – and more.

Smart Stay stops the backlight of the Samsung Galaxy S3 from turning off when you’re reading the screen. It also works well in bright areas.

Direct Call is another nifty Samsung Galaxy S3 feature. You’re writing a text, realise a call would be better, so you just lift the phone to your ear and it dials the person’s number automatically.

Tilt to Zoom – does as it says on the tin. You tilt, instead of pinching, to zoom.

Palm Swipe Capture lets users swipe their palms over the screen to get a screen-shot. The iPhone 5 can do this, but it needs you to press the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously.

Palm Touch is the same as Palm Swipe, but works when you’re playing music to silence it.

Smart Alert vibrates to remind you about missed texts or calls when you’ve been away from your phone. It’s like a notification centre, but Smart Alert doesn’t need you to check your phone yourself.

Picture in Picture works a treat for people who like to watch videos while doing something else – the video shows up in a small pop-up window.

Turn Over to Mute is a bonus if you need to shut off an incoming call quickly. Again, it does as it says on the tin.

Shake to Update doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand. Shake your Samsung Galaxy S3 to get the latest info on your apps, like Facebook or Twitter.

The removable battery is useful – if you have two – because you can replace a dead one with a fully charged spare. The iPhone 5 just can’t do this.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has expandable storage, unlike the iPhone 5. What this means is you can buy the cheapest 16GB models and then get a 64GB SD card for it, giving you a total of 80GB. The most expensive iPhone 5 will set you back $399 and top out at 64GB.

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