Samsung Galaxy S3 Designed By 1000 Employees, iPhone 5 Just 15 [REPORT]

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Here is an interesting tidbit that has surfaced from the ongoing legal battle between tech giants Samsung and Apple. According to a recent report by Forbes, both companies have ver different ways of designing their products. Forbes reports:

“Whereas Samsung employs over 1,000 people to help design its wares, Apple leaves its design decisions to a handful of engineers who meet weekly around a kitchen table.”

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 design

The reports goes on to point out that 15 industrial designers from around the globe are led by Jonathan Ive in designing products like the iPhone and iPad.

While the input of a 1,000 workers does give the impression that Samsung has thought of everything for its flagship products like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the thought of just 15 industrial engineers and designers working on the iPhone 5 does have its benefits. For one, the focus would be directed on a key set of features and less worry about it conflicting with other functions that need to be added.

We’ve already got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now its Apple’s turns. Let’s see what Apple’s 15 designers have come up with for the iPhone 5.


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