Samsung Galaxy S3 Rainbow Palette vs iPhone 5 Two Tone Offering

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The grand launch of the iPhone 5 happened a couple of days ago and while much discussion went into how the iPhone 5 specs lived up to those rumored all these months, there wasn’t much talk about colors. Rumors suggested we may be seeing new colors however we were once again greeted with just black and white models.

iPhone 5: Should Apple have introduced more colors like the Samsung Galaxy S3?

While the iPhone 5 seems to have pretty much matched the powerful specs of its biggest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3, it fell short in the colors department.

After a few years of black and white, we were expecting Apple to expand its palette. Bright colors will allow people to be more individual – black and gold? Black and silver? Blue? The iPhone 5 is bound to shift a few units, but it may sell more if there are more colors. After all, that seemed to be what Apple was pushing at the event when it came to their new iPod nano range.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 first launched with two colors – marble white and pebble blue. Now we have four new colors, including amber brown, titanium grey, black and garnet red.

What do you think? Would a new range of colors tempt you to defect from Android to Apple? Or is Apple’s binary finery part of its appeal?

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