Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5 In Camera Shootout

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While the iPhone brand has always been known to providing the best pictures from a camera phone, it looks like the same may not be true for the iPhone 5. According to Gizmodo, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may just have it beat in their latest camera test pitting the best devices out there against the new iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5 camera in low light shots, captures colors better (Gizmodo)

Gizmodo tested he iPhone 5 camera against the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the dark and the iPhone fell short. The low light setting on the Galaxy S3 is great and photos have less noise than those taken with the iPhone 5 points out the blog. They are sharper too. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also did well with colours and captured them with true whites. It also picked out the pink colour in the flower which they photographed and was missed by the iPhone 5.

However it wasn’t a complete loss for the iPhone 5. Daytime pictures were almost identical and the iPhone 5 beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it came to dynamic range.

Overall the camera on the iPhone 5 has seen significant improvements over that on the 4S. However Apple still have some way to go with their camera in regards to taking pictures in low light conditions.

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