Galaxy S3 Lasts Nearly Twice As Long As iPhone 5 (Battery Test)

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Popular UK blog WHICH recently conducted a battery test on the life of smartphones to check how long the batteries last when browsing the internet and making calls.

Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5 in battery life test by huge margin

Their tests have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out on top, thanks to it lasting 359 minutes. This was one minute less than lasting 6 hours when browsing the web. The Xperia S from Sony came in second place thanks to it lasting 276 minutes when web browsing. The HTC One X followed with 226 minutes of internet browsing.

The iPhone 4S came fourth thanks to managing 208 minutes on the internet, this was 8 minutes better than the iPhone 5 managed. What were Apple saying about the battery of the iPhone 5 having been better than that of the iPhone 4S??

These tests of course are based on real world usage and conditions and hence vary from what the specs sheet normally suggests. Even if they prove to be slightly off the mark, there is no denying that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has better battery life than the iPhone 5 as the margin is huge. Check out the results below.

Battery life test

Battery life test

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