Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5? (Eye Candy vs Stamina)

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 happen to be two of the best handsets that money can buy at the moment. This is thanks to people wanting a good display and a battery that doesn’t die half way through the day. And this just so happens to be what the folks over at Product-Reviews put to test – how the screen and battery life of both smartphones stand up against each other.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Display and battery life test

When it comes to stamina the 2,100mAh battery of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will typically give you around 8 hours, even when used fairly heavily finds tests. That of the iPhone 5 should give up to 11 hours when used heavily. PR tested this using a video that looped and did some calling and used social network sites while having LTE and Wi-Fi switched on. When testing the Droid Razr Maxx by comparison, with its large battery, this only managed to last for another 10 minutes. This shows that the battery of the new iPhone 5 is better than expected.

The displays were tested next for a range of things which included screen reflections, brightness, colour and viewing angle. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out on top, but the iPhone 5 has the brighter display and the lowest reflections. The screen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is larger than that of the iPhone 5 and it is thought that the lower brightness and reflections were due to the display being AMOLED compared to the IPS of the iPhone.

The results show that if you want a large and beautiful display then the Samsung Galaxy S3 is some serious eye candy. If you want a phone that has the more stamina you may want to choose the iPhone 5. The drawbacks of course will be that the Samsung Galaxy S3 display won’t looks as vibrant in direct sunlight as the iPhone 5. And while the iPhone 5 battery does last longer it can’t be removed so the S3 can get on by if you don’t mind carrying a secondary battery in your wallet/purse.

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