Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5: Great Minds Think Alike

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The rumored date for the launch of the iPhone 5 is coming ever closer and this should see another battle between Apple and Samsung starting. Instead of in court this battle will be for the best handset. Apple will have their latest iPhone 5 and Samsung the popular Galaxy S3. Which of the two comes out top remains to be seen but just like all great devices, you can expect them to have more things in common than being radically different from one another. Here are 5 things you can expect both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy to share:

Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5

It is thought that the iPhone 5 may be released with a quad core processor if it is do battle with some of the latest smartphones on the market, including the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Big screen should be another thing that the two handsets will have in common. The new iPhone is rumored to have a 4 inch display as opposed to the 3.5 inch of iPhones on the market. The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course also upgraded from the 4.3-inch S2 display to a 4.8-inch behemoth.

Both handsets will have software that has seen improvements. The iPhone 5 will have the latest iOS 6 while the Galaxy S3 has ICS and TouchWiz, with Jelly Bean Android 4.1 now just around the corner.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is protected with Gorilla Glass 2 and it is thought that Apple will have done the same with the screen of the iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has support for NFC which allows users to swap information simply by tapping devices together and it comes in for making mobile payments. Many are saying that NFC will be a new feature too of the upcoming iPhone 5 as seen in a leaked prototype from earlier this year.

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