Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Why S3 Keeps Winning

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The minute the iPhone 5 came out it was compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3, especially in terms of camera, browsing speeds and display. Apple’s latest does have some strong hardware, and has even beaten the Galaxy S3 on occasion.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 was the best-seller of 2012, and four of its five best-selling weeks came after the iPhone came out. Samsung has sold over 30 million GS3 handsets, outstripping the iPhone 4S, and it’s still the UK’s most popular phone. The iPhone 5 is second, and the Galaxy S2 is in third place. Why is the Galaxy S3 so popular, and why is it standing firm despite lots of competition.

Benchmarks have shown the iPhone 5 to be the faster at times, but people still prefer the Galaxy S3. Smartphones have to be smart, and mere benchmark tests don’t pick this up.

These days, phones have to do more than just make calls, they have to browse the internet, recognise voices, take photos and videos, make payments and send documents. It’s in these extras that the iPhone 5 falls behind a the Galaxy S3 a bit. The iPhone 5 lacks customisation, whereas the GS3 is all about customisation. Lots of people think that iOS is far too inflexible for these days.

Rumours about what the iPhone 5 could do were zooming around before its release – holographic keyboard, video projector and so on. These didn’t come to pass, but the rumours showed how Apple fans are still up for innovation. Then the Galaxy S3 came out with all its trickery. It’s often the little things that make the difference, like the palm-swipe screenshot feature, and the “raise-to-ear” gesture that turns a text message into a call. The Galaxy S3 dims its display when you’re not looking at it, as it’s tracking your eyes. It also has NFC, MHL and wireless charging.

You can personalise your Galaxy S3 with widgets, keyboards, ROMs and launchers, and this shows you what you can achieve with amazing hardware. Apple decided to stick with streamlined functions, so the iPhone 5 is a bit more limited. This is a bit silly, really, as everyone uses their smartphone as a PC, an MP3 player, camera, tablet and GPS.

These are great handsets and both deserve a strong market position, but Samsung is making all the strides in innovation and new features. People realise it’s worth taking the time to get to grips with Android for this very reason.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the iPhone 5, and it feels clunky and cheap, but it’s what’s inside that counts, and this is why it’s still selling well almost a year on.

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