Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Drop It Likes It’s Hot!

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Two of the largest smartphone makers have been battling it out and still are. We are talking about Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5. But just how durable are the two handsets?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 drop test

There have been drop tests performed on the phones from Apple and Samsung by multiple blogs. In particular those worth mentioning are Gizmo Slip, Phone Buff and Android Authority.

Gizmo Slip was the first to put the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 through their paces. They did a drop of four feet which saw the Apple iPhone 5 fall onto its back, but somehow managed to end up display first on the ground. This resulted in a minor scratch to the back of the handset but it was intact.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t come out as well from the drop of four feet as the glass of the camera got cracked.

The Apple iPhone 5 was then dropped on the corner and the device landed on its back, suffering a dent, but the screen remained in one piece. The same test was carried out on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and this broke from the corner of the device up. The handsets back came off, but it was easy to put back on.

A facedrop was the next test and this saw the Apple iPhone 5 display shatter. However even with the drop, it is still working. The same test on the Samsung Galaxy S3 wasn’t undertaken thanks to the device having a cracked screen when dropped on the corner.

The tests of Android Authority were made at levels where people usually drop handsets. This was pocket length, shoulder and ear length.

The Apple iPhone 5 was dropped from pocket level and the display didn’t crack but it did suffer from scratches to the side. The Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t get any scratches but it too had scuffs on the side.

When dropped at a height of four feet the Apple iPhone 5 landed on its face, with no scratches but a dent was seen on the corner. The Samsung Galaxy S3 meanwhile ended up with a cracked display. However the plastic was completely fractured, it has to be noted.

From a height of around five foot six the Apple iPhone still worked, with no scratches on the display and just minor damage to the corners. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand was damaged on the back cover and the display. The case on the back came off but was put back on.

The drop test from Phone Buff was the last. When dropped from waist height the Apple iPhone 5 came out of it very well. The display still worked with no scratches; however there were some scratches on the edges. Falling from chest height it cracked the screen on the top right, however the device still worked.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test began with a drop from the waist and the handset cracked diagonally on the display. From chest height it fell facedown and suffered a lot of damage to the display, after which it couldn’t be used. The back of the handset was fine however.

In the end both of the devices suffered from cracks to the display, but the Apple iPhone 5 still continued to work.

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