Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: How It Will Go Down

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While the court case between Samsung and Apple continue, the new iPhone 5 is rumored to be launched on 12th September. But is all the hype going to be more than the iPhone 5 will be able to deliver and will it be able to beat the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Many people are beginning to believe that the iPhone 5 will be the biggest launch of a handset in the history of smartphones, if the hype is to be believed of course. While many people may flock to buy it, will they be happy with it?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

The design of the upcoming iPhone 5 is said to be a metal casing and this would look better than the plastic casing of the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 is thought to be just 7.6mm in thickness and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm.

The obvious advantages the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have over the iPhone 5 is obviously its removable battery and expandable storage, something Apple has always deviated from with its iOS devices.

Samsung should have the advantage with the larger screen which is 4.8-inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720p, while the screen of the new iPhone 5 may be 4-inches only.

The battery on the new iPhone 5 may be a bit of a letdown if rumors of its 1,440mAh capacity are true. The battery on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 2100mAh but then again it has to power the larger display.

One change which may not be welcomed on the iPhone 5 is the dock connector. Apple are said to be doing away with the 30 pin connector and moving to a 19 pin. This would mean that accessories currently on the market for the iPhones will not work with the latest model.

The iPhone 5 is thought to be announced on 12th September and should be on AT&T, Sprint and Verizon for around $800 unlocked and around $199 on a contract of two years. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has to date sold over 10 million units since July. As for the iPhone 5, we can surely expect it to beat the S3 in sales numbers given the track record of the iPhones before it.

In the end, both smartphones will have their own advantages and disadvantages, with iOS fans naturally going for the iPhone 5 and Android fans going with the latter. With both smartphones being the flagship devices of their respective brands, you simply can’t go wrong with either.

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