Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Young Whippersnapper vs Old Faithful

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has done really well for Samsung, becoming the best-selling smartphone of 2012. Apple got in on the act with the iPhone 5, and this has also proved highly popular, so should you opt for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5? Android or iOS 6.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: OS will be the ultimate factor

Samsung reckoned it would sell 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 units by the end of 2012, but it managed this figure after just 150 days, and the S3 is still selling 200,000 units a day. The iPhone 5 sold five million units after just five days, and now that it’s available in 50 more countries, this sell rate should be accelerating.

In hardware terms, these two phones are evenly matched, so you’ll have to look to the OS to make your choice – Android Jelly Bean or iOS 6. So let’s have a look at these platforms.

iOS 6 is the more stable OS, and Android is at once both tricky and flexible. iOS 6 has Apple’s App Store, with a huge range of apps, and Android has the much smaller Google Play Store. You’ll find that JB comes with various extras from Google and (in the case of the GS3) Samsung, like TouchWiz, Smart Stay and Direct Call.

iOS 6 just jumps out of the box and gets the iPhone 5 going, which also means fewer customisation options. All you have to do is choose a wallpaper and a ringtone and you’re all set. With Android and the Samsung Galaxy S3 , you can mess around with custom ROMs, keyboards and launchers. So ultimately, you decide between stable and streamlined or quirky and flexible.

The iPhone 5 enjoys an amazing ecosystem, and it is fast, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 have all the customisation you could want. It isn’t, however, as stable as iOS 6 and it has a steeper learning curve due to the increased possibilities.

If you still can’t pick an OS, let your wallet decide. Unlocked, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is cheaper as its price has plummeted since launching. The iPhone 5 is staying firm at $650 while the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be had for as low as $530.

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