Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Picking The Right One

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When it comes to choosing the best flagship device the choice often comes down to Apple or Samsung, and their iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. So which might be the best for you? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Samsung rely on Android for their handsets while Apple has their own iOS platform. Both of these are very different. iOS 6 has the familiar grid of icons and comes with many straighforward features. Android is the more customisable of the two and uses widgets as well as let’s you install custom launchers, keyboards, ROMs and more. With widgets in particular, this means that you can see your email inbox directly on the display of the Android handset, but not with the iOS.

iOS 6 is the more organised with its grid of icons on every screen, while Android has more than one home screen and both of the devices allow you to put apps into folders, which makes it easier for navigating.

If you want an iPhone 5 then you have to live by the rules of Apple, while Android devices are different as they are more open. Android is the “harder” to use, however there is an easy screen mode with standard options in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3. With Android you do get Direct Call, which means that you only have to lift the device to the ear when you are looking at their contact details, to call them.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers handy Google apps natively like Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube, along with Google Now. The latter comes in handy by suggesting things based on what you have searched for. This could be by way of flight delays if you have searched for it before for a flight.

The iPhone 5 comes with a glass and aluminium design and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is mostly made of plastic. Some say the iPhone 5 has the more premium look to it. However the display of the Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches is what makes the handset luxurious. The iPhone 5 has the 4 inch display. Both look great in their own way.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the option of expandable storage and it supports wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a weight of 133 grams and the iPhone 5 is lighter at 116 grams. The difference is noticeable, but whether it plays a significant part in deciding between the two handsets, would be down to the individual. The iPhone 5 is just ahead for battery life; however they are pretty much the same. The processor in the iPhone 5 is a dual core and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the quad core, however there is not much difference here in terms of usage.

Apple has Siri, which is better than S Voice from Samsung. The Galaxy S3 also has features such as Smart Stay, which keeps the display lit when you are looking at it and turns it off when you are not. Both of the devices are available in 4G versions.

The iPhone 5 is neat and it is contained and it has an elegant look. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with more options and is more open. This makes the Galaxy S3 either harder to use or the more rewarding, depending on your outlook.

The App Store is larger than the Google Play Store,. In this respect iOS 6 is the winner, however Android isn’t far behind.

In conclusion the iPhone 5 is an iconic device and Apple fans will not go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 given how closely matched they are anyways. Others will say that that the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers more for your money and there is no doubt that it is the more flexible of the two.

Which of the two handsets is the right one for you is a matter of personal preference as the iPhone 5 is the easiest of the two to use, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 the more rewarding once mastered.

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