Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: The King Of Kings Is…

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If you are choosing between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 you are basically choosing between Android and iOS 6. Android is more customisable than iOS 6, thanks to widgets, while Apple has the famous standard icons and very few things to change. If you would like to see your mail on your home screen then it would have to be Android. However if you like clicking to reach it then iOS 6 is best.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: which one’s ideal for you?

Android comes with an easy screen mode, but when it comes to the debate between the two handsets, iOS 6 is easier to use. Android comes with features such as Direct Call, which allows you to dial a contact when in your phone book simply by lifting the handset to the ear.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and many other features, one of which is Google Now. On the other hand Apple makes users add on features with loads of apps, their recent foray into maps was disastrous.

The iPhone 5 comes in aluminium and glass, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 is made of plastic materials, so the iPhone 5 has the more premium look to it. The Galaxy S3 comes with a display of 4.8 inches, while the iPhone 5 has the 4 inch display. While both look good, they are of course both different and this will be down to user preference.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports SD card and it has wireless charging and the iPhone 5 doesn’t.

The iPhone 5 is light at 116 grams and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 133 grams. The iPhone has the dual core processor and the Galaxy S3 has the quad core. However you cannot tell much difference. The batteries last a similar amount of time, with the iPhone 5 just ahead here. However you can get an accessory that boosts the battery of both devices.

Both of the handsets record in HD and Apple has Siri, while Samsung have S Voice. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Smart Stay, this turns off the display when you are not looking at it. both of the handsets work on the 4G LTE network.

When it comes to apps the Apple store is the winner as it is bigger than the Android Play Store. Apple believes in quality rather than quantity, but Android is catching up. Most of the most used apps are available on both though.

You can get the iPhone 5 for around £36 per month on contract with £25 up front costs, while you can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 free with £26 per month plans. If you were to go with Vodfone for the handsets you would pay £10 more for the iPhone 5 than you would the Galaxy S3 if the devices were free.

The iPhone 5 is the most iconic handset, but it is not the cheapest of devices. However some say that you get just what you pay for. Others say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best device for less and it does have more flexibility with Android than with iOS 6.

The best device for you is down to personal preference; however the iPhone 5 is the easiest device to use for a first smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S3 however is the very best if you are looking for an Android device.

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