Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Bestseller vs Gadget Of The Year

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Time Magazine has awarded the iPhone 5 the prestigious title of Gadget of the Year for 2012. Harry McCracken said that the handset was one of the most artfully polished gadgets that have ever been built.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Gadget of the Year vs Bestseller

He also said that the iPhone 5 outperforms other nifty devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S3. This Android strangely enough wasn’t featured in his top 10, however, the Samsung Galaxy S2 came in 8th place. McCracken said that Apple were the best when it came to putting hardware, software and services together in one package and blend the seams. According to him Apple still has no peer.

Other items on his list included the Nintendo Wii U, the Cybershot RX100 from Sony, the Raspberry Pi Model B, Lytro camera, 15 inch Macbook Pro with the Retina display, Surface RT tablet from Microsoft, Nest thermostat and the Simple. TV DVR set-top.

How McCracken could have missed the Samsung Galaxy S3 is strange indeed given that the S3 is this year’s best selling smartphone. Samsung has moved over 30 million units to date and it is still unclear if the iPhone 5 will be able to match it before the year is up.

Mike is the man who reviews gadgets that aren’t mainstream or products that can’t exactly be classified as consumer electronics e.g. portable talking toilets. It’s always interesting to read about the crazy products we have here in Asia that just don’t get as much publicity as they warrant.