Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: S3 Is Here To Stay

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The iPhone 5 has been bugged by comparisons to its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Its camera, browsing speeds and display have all come in for the most scrutiny. The iPhone 5 does have amazing hardware, and some benchmark tests have placed it above the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Phone 5: why S3 won’t go down so easy

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is 2012’s best-seller, and oddly enough, four of its five most successful weeks came just after the release of the iPhone 5. It’s sold more than 30 million units so far, and has knocked the iPhone 4S from the top spot. It’s also the UK’s most popular phone, followed by the iPhone 5 and then the Samsung Galaxy S2. Why is the S3 so popular? Why has it remained so popular despite stiff competition this year?

Benchmarks, while handy measuring tools, don’t tell the full story. They don’t tell you how smart a smartphone actually is.

These days, smartphones have to boast advanced voice recognition, take videos and stills simultaneously, pay wirelessly, browse the web in all its formats and even make the odd call. It’s here that the iPhone 5 falters a bit, as it doesn’t stretch itself enough. The iPhone 5 is one of the most basic top-end phones, lacking the customisation opportunities of the Samsung Galaxy S3, because iOS 6 is much more restrictive than it should be for 2013.

Pre-launch rumours about the iPhone 5 – the holographic keyboard, the video projector – showed how much Apple fans still crave innovation. But for innovation we have to look to the Samsung Galaxy S3, with its Android widgets like the palm-swipe screenshot, and the widgets that lets you abandon a text and call the person instead by merely raising the phone to your ear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also tracks your eyes and dims its screen when you look away, and you can charge it wirelessly, and use NFC and MHL.

You can make your Samsung Galaxy S3 really yours with loads of custom ROMs, keyboards, launchers and of course widgets. This shows just what robust and high-end hardware can do for you if the software allows for it. Apple stayed streamlined and sparse, which means it had to make sacrifices. However, in an age when people are using smartphones for GPS navigation, as PCs and MP3 players, as well as DVD players, restriction isn’t cool.

The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are both great phones, and are in their rightful market positions, but Samsung has now pulled ahead in innovation. People are happy to struggle to understand Android, as they know it’s worth it in the end.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t a looker like the iPhone 5, but its features and flexibility will keep it in the top spot for a good while yet.

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