Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Smooth vs (Room To) Move

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has performed really well, becoming 2012’s best-seller. Apple’s iPhone 5 has also been highly popular, and is a real contender for the best-seller title. If you’re due an upgrade and can’t decide between the two, we may be able to help.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: equally powerful hardware but what about software?

Samsung expected to sell around 30 million Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets by the year’s end, and actually managed this after a mere 150 days. The S3 is still selling around 200,000 handsets a day. The iPhone 5 managed to sell five million units in its first five days.

There’s not much between the handsets hardware-wise, as they’re pretty much evenly matched. So it’ll come down to OS to help you to make your final choice. Let’s take a look.

iOS vs Android

So, iOS 6 is the smoother and more stable OS, but Android is way more flexible. iOS has its renowned App Store, with a huge range of polished apps, and Android has the fast growing Google Play Store. The Play Store is smaller, but the actual Samsung Galaxy S3 features lots of built-in features courtesy of Google and Samsung, like Direct Call, TouchWiz and Smart Stay.

iOS just gets to work with a minimum of fiddling, whereas Android gives you the chance to change your launchers, ROMs, keyboards and so forth. You have to decide if you want the streamlined and stable iOS 6 or the infinite flexibility (and hence some inconsistencies) of Android.

The iPhone 5 has a brilliant ecosystem, and it’s very fast. The Samsung Galaxy S3 gives you lots of room to move, but it’s not as stable or smooth as iOS 6, and you need to tussle for a bit before grasping this OS.

So in then end you will have to decide if you want to just change the wallpaper and ringtones and be on your merry way with the iPhone 5, or if you want a highly robust and flexible OS with some quirks i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You also need to consider whether you want a contract-free phone or not. If you do, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a fraction of the price of the iPhone 5, as it’s been falling since the arrival of its rival (see what I did there?).

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