Despite Age, Galaxy S3 Outsells iPhone 5 In November

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Samsung and Apple have been fighting in court and now they are fighting in stores when it comes to sales.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: November sales figures are in

The two companies have been swaying back and forth in court over infringement trials over patents around the world and this has ended in mixed results for each side.

In the UK the Samsung Galaxy S3 has managed to keep its crown as being the best-selling device and this is among the handsets that Apple said were infringing on their patents.

USwitch said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has outsold all other handsets now for 7 months in a row. This is great news for Samsung as four more of their devices made it into the top 10 too. The Samsung Galaxy S2 came in in 4th place; the Galaxy Ace was in 6th place, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in 7th and the Galaxy Ace 2 in 10th.

So how come Samsung has been able to take advantage?

Telecom expert for uSwitch, Ernest Doku, said that it was the affordable price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that ensured it has been the best-selling device. However whether it will remain there over the Christmas shopping period, we will have to wait and see. The iPhones are gaining on the Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to the price drop for the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 from Apple came in in 3rd place, and surprisingly the iPhone 4S beat it when it came in at 2nd place. It is thought that the iPhone 4S could be the device to topple the Samsung Galaxy S3 from the top spot in December, thanks to the drop in price.

Apple have just revealed that the iPhone 5 will be available in 54 countries around the world over the three weeks of December. It will be launched in Samsung’s home, South Korea on Friday 7th December as well. So December could be the time when the tables are turned.

Meanwhile the HTC One X+ appeared on the best-selling list in the number 9 position.

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