iPhone 5 Shows Samsung Galaxy S3 Who’s Boss, Will Beat S3 By Whopping 200mil In Sales (Report)

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The iPhone 5 could put the Galaxy S3 in its place despite the fact that owners of the Android handset have tried explaining why the device is better than any Apple handset suggests tech blog Product-Reviews.

iPhone 5 expected to beat Samsung Galaxy S3 by a whopping 200 million

Apple are expecting the iPhone 5 to sell well, around 250 million units in total in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has sold 50 million. This would mean of course that there is no handset that could compete with the iPhone 5, but only time will tell.

Apple succeeds with their products thanks to a great deal of hype before their launch. With rumors flying around the internet about the iPhone 5, they have managed to generate interest in the iPhone again despite no one really knowing anything about it. The key to their marketing is silence and being secretive and the iPhone 5 is no exception.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course is one of the most pre-ordered Android handsets of 2012, but it is thought that it will be around 200 million short of the sales of the iPhone 5 reports PR. This leaves you with the question of why can’t any other handset come close to the sales of the iPhone?

Samsung have more than one handset and if they had just a single one their sales would not be diluted. The new iPhone is thought to be longer than the other models and have a larger screen and this would boost sales and could help to set a new sales record. There is no getting away from the fact that the iPhone sells well, it has in the past and there is nothing to indicate that the latest incarnation will be any different.

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