Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: S3 Slammed By Objectionable Scores

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Even before its release people thought the iPhone 5 would knock lumps out of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even Foxconn’s CEO advised people to wait for the iPhone 5, as they may regret spending money on the Galaxy S3. So, was he right?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Geekbench scores

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is amazing, and in theory it walks all over the iPhone 5. Samsung is a hardware heavy hitter, and few phones can take it on.

Looking at the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S3 outclasses the iPhone 5 with its quad-core chip, bigger display and more feature-rich software. Benchmark tests tell a different tale, though.

PCMag used a Geekbench benchmark test on both phones recently, and found that the iPhone 5 is more powerful. Apple, it seems, went for the kill with some serious hardware under the hood which is really not like the Cupertino company. This is also likely why Samsung was so quick with its ads to put down the iPhone 5 without knowing what its packing (Apple is very secretive when it comes to specs and hence why teardowns are common).

The iPhone 5 won in pretty much every section reports PCMag. This was a surprise as Apple’s OS usually manages to work with the minimum of hardware – look at the iPhone 4S and iOS 6. It seems that Apple saw it coming and wanted to shut Samsung up once and for all.

Benchmarks can be unreliable, though, and both phones DO run on different platforms, but this has never stopped Samsung from beating Apple with its “brawn over brand” stick since the hey days of the Galaxy vs iPhone battles.

The iPhone 5 is the fastest iPhone, but we don’t know if it’s the fastest smartphone. If you’re looking for a new phone, look beyond the benchmarks and look to OS, day-to-day usage, running costs, design and all that jazz.

Benchmark tests can say anything, but user experience tends to over-ride them….just ask any iPhone user. Jelly Bean is faster than ICS, but as it has a fancy folder-opening animation, folders take a fraction longer to open on Jelly Bean. You might like this, or it might drive you potty. But this “slowness” is actually an OS thing.

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