Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5: A Different Way To Look At It

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There have been numerous comparisons between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. There has been debate over which of these two devices has the best hardware, which offers the best user experience and which is the most tolerant. Today we look at a comparison which has not been considered before and this is what the devices go through before they are released onto the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Many products on the market today originate from China. These products can include laptops, watches and handbags. Many of these items come from a factory where the workers are happy. However some of them are made in appalling conditions, which can even cost lives. The problem with this is that consumers never know which.

Apple has told us about their process of manufacturing, which is meticulous of course as we are talking about Apple here. China tells us a totally different story, one which involves having to meet expectations that are almost impossible, in factories where the management is brutal. Many years ago this would have caused outrage, today we seem to accept it, but why? What we want to know is, is it worth people getting hurt just so we can have the thinnest phone in the world, the iPhone 5?

Times seem to have changed. As Gizmodo explains, decades ago there would have been boycotts and outrage over the products. In the past Nike and Gap have both had to deal with the stigma of producing goods that were tainted. Americans didn’t want to wear clothing which was made in factories where children had been hurt, or where women had to work in cramped bunkers at a sewing machine. When people boycotted the products, the company had to make changes.

Nike gave in to pressure and they changed their ways in their factories, one of the changes was a minimum age requirement of 16. Outsiders were also allowed into the factory to inspect it and air filtration was improved so as to meet standards set out in US factories.

Apple meanwhile invented the iPhone and this became the must have smartphone. It also happened to make Apple the company they have become today, one of the richest in history. However labour conditions came to the forefront and the manufacturing of the products of Apple have come under scrutiny. Have Apple, being one of the richest companies in the world, not able to do anything about it? It certainly seems so. Recently we have heard about strikes taking place among the workers, due to the iPhone 5 being one of the hardest devices to make. Gizmodo said that an executive at Foxconn just how complicated it was to build the iPhone 5. And of course we all know how Apple likes perfection. Customers have also come to expect it and can readily complain about every little problem about it without realizing just how difficult it was to build such a product. We’ve all seen the SNL skit haven’t we.

This perfection comes with a high price. In this case the cost is overworked, underpaid and quite possibly, even under-aged workers, who are stretched to the point of breaking.

According to China Labor Watch, fighting often breaks out and employees refused to work on the iPhone. Foxconn however tried to play this down. What happens to be of interest this time is that unlike in the past when Foxconn made products for companies like HP and Nintendo, this time the focus of complaints has been on one single product – how difficult the iPhone 5 is to assemble.

Apple has now revealed the iPad Mini, and this is another device that has to be perfect in its manufacture. The iPad Mini is said to have edges cut with mono-crystalline diamond and metallic finishes, designed only to the very highest of standards. What this boils down to is the iPad Mini is not going to be any more easier to build.

For Apple nothing less than perfection will do and the same applies to those who covet products of Apple. The products of Apple are well known to be dazzling, but they come with a manufacturing process that is dizzy, and Apple is very proud of this fact.

One of the biggest rivals to the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini is the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Nexus 7. These devices however have been moaned about thanks to the plastic look of the body and it’s true, they don’t have the same polished look as products from Apple. When it comes down to it though, both of these products do the job just as good as the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. Bear in mind that right now the Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling as well as the iPhone 5, and it is not in short supply. Apple cannot say this of the iPhone 5, as workers struggle to get phones out. Many nations in Asia are still waiting for the first iPhone 5 unit to arrive.

Another factor when considering the iPhone 5 is the cost of the device, as it retails for a lot more than the Samsung Galaxy S3. As Gizmodo puts it, which is the more ethical device of the two, not to mention the one that will save you money?

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