Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Sweet, Sweet Revenge

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The iPhone 5 from Apple has a battle on its hands with the Samsung Galaxy S3 this year and the stakes are higher than ever. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 taking away the “best selling phone of 2012” title from Apple by outselling the 4S earlier this year, it is now up to Apple to kick things up a notch if they wish to reclaim it before the year is up. With just two over months to go, can it beat Samsung’s expected 30 million sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3 by the holidays? Let’s take a look at the specs first to see where both devices stand up against each other.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Can Apple take back 4S’ lost title?

The iPhone 5 is said to be the world’s thinnest phone and it is a lot thinner and smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3. The device still comes in glass and aluminium, however the metallic edges now take on a sleeker appearance and the back of the device is made up of just aluminium. The design of the iPhone 5 is top notch and it looks the more like a premium device than the S3.

The screen of the iPhone 5 has changed from 3.5 inches to 4 inches and it now has a ratio of 16:9. The device is longer, but it remains the same width as previous iPhones. The aspect ratio could cause a problem with apps, until developers update them. This means users may see black bars at top and bottom of the 4 inch display. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 at 4.8 inches is larger in comparison and it is the ideal display for watching movies along with gameplay.

The two devices have different tech in regards to their displays. Apple has the Retina display and Samsung have gone for the Super AMOLED screen. The latter has blacks that are much deeper and colours that have vibrancy. Some people though prefer the natural look that the iPhone 5 offers as well as the higher brightness levels

While Apple made their display larger, it doesn’t come close to the S3 still. In the category of displays it has to be a draw.

The same applies when measuring the 8 megapixel camera of the phones against each other.

Moving on, the S3 comes with the quad core Exynos processor, which on paper, should outdo the dual core A6 processor that Apple have put into their iPhone 5. Apple always ensures their chips have the power to be able to run iOS without a hitch. Due to the fact that the operating system is a large part of the operation of the handset and the OS being seamless, it could mean that the smaller chip will perform up to the standards of the larger one. The US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with the dual core processor and 2GB of RAM and this was said to be faster than the international quad core version. The iPhone 5 and the S3 may therefore by just as powerful as each other. The Jelly Bean S3 ran better than the iPhone 5 in Geekbench tests. When running on ICS, the S3 lagged behind, but only by a small amount. Therefore this category also has to be a draw.

With the iPhone 5 being slim Apple have shrunk their connector and the iPhone 5 now has the Lightning connector. If you want to use older accessories you will have to pay $30 for an adapter. You have to wonder how many Apple fans would have rather had a thicker handset and the old connector, maybe even with NFC thrown in.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with support for SD card and MHL. MHL means you can display HD videos and have surround sound through HDMI to another device. Users also have the option of being able to just drag and drop their content, without having to mess around with iTunes. Both of the devices come with 4G LTE; however the Samsung Galaxy S3 is ahead as it has the ability to power all this for longer – The S3 battery is both larger and removable. So here the Samsung Galaxy S3 takes a lot of points.

While the iPhone 5 might be the classier looking of the two handsets, it does lack SD storage, NFC, MHL and a removable battery. The S3 price keeps dropping down too and it is available from many places, including Amazon and Wirefly for just $99 on contract. The iPhone 5 costs twice as much as the Samsung Galaxy S3, so with this in mind the S3 would look very good to smartphone shoppers.

Of course one of the things to consider when choosing between phones is the OS. iOS 6 is more polished, streamlined and some say it runs smoother than Android. However Android offers a great deal more by way of customization and features. However either of the handsets is a superb choice and you will not go far wrong with either of them.

When you take the current progress of iPhone 5 sales, if Apple manages to fix its supply shortage issue it may just have a shot in overtaking Samsung’s 30 million Galaxy S3 units sold prediction. On last checks, analysts have already predicted Apple to reach 26 million in sales around the holidays.

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