Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Can You Kill A Giant?

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Last month saw the release of Apple’s iPhone 5. Whether it’s going to topple the mighty Samsung Galaxy S3 is yet to be seen, but for now, here’s a comparison that could give us a hint as to which phone will come out on top before their next-gen bros come into spotlight.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Screen: The iPhone 5 has a 4” widescreen (16:9 ratio). It’s a bigger screen, but not a wider phone, which shows how much Apple still does ergonomics. This new screen might prove a bit of a pain for apps, though, as unoptimised apps might have to display black bars at the screen ends. The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen is massive, has almost the same ppi as the iPhone and is amazing to watch films and play games on.

The screen tech is different in these phones – the iPhone 5 has its IPS Retina screen and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has its Super AMOLED screen with the vibrant colors and intense blacks. IPS looks more natural though. Two great screens, but when they have to do battle with the Nokia Lumia 920, these giants will be scrapping for second and third place.

Design: The iPhone 5 is the slimmest iPhone going. It’s much lighter, smaller and thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S3. It still has the glass and aluminium pairing, and now the shiny trim has been tinted and the rear is two-tone aluminum, which makes it look even better. It’s just a better-looking phone than the plastic S3, in design and class. A tech giant shouldn’t be turning out phones that look more like Fisher Price.

Camera: Ignoring Tim Cooks silly promises about the 5 camera making people look happier, we can say that its 8MP snapper is more than decent and is level-pegging with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Processor: Theoretically the Samsung Galaxy S3 1.4GHz Exynos processor should trounce the iPhone 5 A6 chip, but some benchmark tests have proved otherwise, with some claiming that the iPhone 5 runs faster. We need a few more results to back this up, but these are two of the fastest phones out there right now.

Connectivity: The iPhone’s new dock connector renders your old Apple accessories obsolete unless you spend another $30 on an adapter. The slimness of the iPhone 5 has come at the expense of a new connector, NFC and a removable battery, which is annoying. Like the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, it has 4G LTE.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the all-important microSD support as well as MHL compliance, so users can play surround sound and HD video through an HDMI cable. Content files can simply be dragged and dropped – no need to syncing software and hours of fiddling.

Bottom line: The iPhone 5 looks classier than the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it’s suffering from the lack of SD support, smaller battery capacity and no NFC.  And while the screen is a bit bigger, it’s hardly massive by market standards. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also going to get cheaper in the next few months  – you can pick it up for $99 (with a two-year tie-in) at some places (Amazon), whereas the cheapest contract iPhone 5 will start at $189 (Walmart). Ultimately, the iPhone 5 doesn’t bring any huge game changing features that throw the S3 out. It also has had a late start (September release versus July for S3). It may be too early to tell if the iPhone 5 can catch up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of sales before Christmas, but at the moment it looks unlikely given the shortage issues with the iPhone and Samsung looking to hit 30 million sales by December. In contrast, the iPhone 5 is expected to hit 10 million before the month is up.

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