Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: S3 Still (Slightly) Ahead

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The battle between Apple and Samsung in the courts is still on-going and now another battle is underway. This time it is between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 to find out which of the two handsets is the best smartphone on the market. The Galaxy S3 has been on top since it was released in the summer and the iPhone 5 has just been released, so which is the best?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 (DT’s comparison)

The folks over at Delco Times pit both the smartphones against each other in a round of tests only to say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 came out on top. So why is that?

DT explained that when it comes to overall quality and performance there is very little difference between the two handsets. The iPhone 5 and iOS are catching up with Android devices in terms of features and hardware, and this means the Samsung Galaxy S3. The majority of the specs are similar; however the Samsung Galaxy S3 is ahead in the respect that it has NFC and much better navigation and maps than the iPhone 5.

Both devices are very fast and they come with 4G and have superb cameras that take video in HD. They are two of the best devices on the market at the moment and what it will come down to when choosing between the two, is the operating system and size of device.

Of course those who worship Apple will say that iOS 6 is the best thing since sliced bread, and it has been improved. Fans of Android however will tell you that Android is easier to use than iOS and is more customisable.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may be slightly in front of the iPhone 5, however this is only their opinion and you may not think so. Nevertheless you can’t argue with DT’s points about navigation and NFC.

The iPhone 5 is a superb handset; however it has lost some of the Apple magic and is no longer the best device in the world of smartphones. The Galaxy S3 is slightly better, however only you will know which device is the more suitable when you get them in your hands.

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