Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: Apple (Just) Wins

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The iPhone 5 is out and is a known quantity, so tech blogs have been busy comparing it to the reigning Samsung Galaxy S3. While both phones are similar, there can only be one winner. Many are undecided, but tech blog WirelessWeek has opted for the iPhone 5 as the victor. How and why? Read on.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why Apple is champ (WirelessWeek)

The two phones have amazing high-res screens, LTE, good batteries and dual-core chips. They both have 8MP cameras that are hard to beat, so which is the leader?

WirelessWeek had a good look at both and chose the iPhone 5 over (but only just) the Samsung Galaxy S3. This may surprise some, but they had their reasons.

In hardware and software, Apple is “solid” and the iPhone 5 also has superlative design. The phone has worldwide LTE support and a better camera than the Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to its BSI sensor. It also has iOS 6, the latest update, alongside the promise of getting the next updates since it is the latest handset. That’s something the Samsung Galaxy S3 can’t promise.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has loads of innovative features, but can let users down on a day-to-day basis. Android is customisable, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 will soon have Jelly Bean. But Android can be a bit bewildering to your average Joe adds WirelessWeek, pointing out that some features were not worth the trouble setting up.

The iPhone 5 has a 4” Retina screen which might not be as big as the 4.8” Super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S3, but it gives realistic videos and photos. This has been a common complaint for AMOLED displays – that their vibrant colors and deep blacks don’t look real. There is also the issue with their brightness levels not being able to match LCD displays, making them more difficult to view in direct sunlight. The size of the iPhone 5 is also a lot easier to handle than the bulky Samsung Galaxy S3.

While I do agree with a lot of WW’s gripes about Android, the reason why it may seem more fiddly than iOS 6 is because it’s more flexible. You don’t have to customise it to use it, though. Basic settings may well do for most. iOS 6 has its flaws too – like Apple Maps. The much-vaunted turn-by-turn navigation is pointless if the maps are wrong!

Look at WW’s full review at the source link below and voice your opinion if you agree or disagree with the iPhone 5 being a better choice than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Source: Wireless Week

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